CanLift Asansör San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. Official Website Privacy and Legal Notices

As, we aim to provide an environment where all our members can provide security for their all personal/institutional information and can protect their privacy. With this aim, our members, by saving their information on the website, will have fully agreed with the terms below. reserves its right to freeze or cancel the membership, delete the data when the principles below are not followed.

1. uses the e-mail address provided by the member during registration in order to reach and get in contact with the members. The e-mail addresses given to our members are only for personal use. The username and the password given to the members are only personal and for using the service of and is not responsible for any consequences resulting from sharing them with 3rd person.

2. The information of the users can only be attained by firms who are members of (corporate members). All of these members can be seen on the page of My Interests/ Blocked Ones.

3. When a member makes an application (job application etc.) opens his/her CV fully to the company he/she applied for. (Name, contact information, etc.)

4. In order to prevent the member’s information from being copied and used without permission, the contact information(address, telephone number, e-mail) is certainly not seen on the CV search of the companies. When company wants to reach the member’s contact information, it sends “I would like to contact to you.” message. If the member approves this request, the contact information is immediately opened to the company.

5. The member is responsible itself for his/her information and how much of them will be seen on CV search. Member makes the necessary arrangements of this issue on the update areas where can be reached by the user only. One can be active or passive on the website. Passive Membership: If one is passive in job hunting, he/she is certainly not seen on the search of the companies. In this case, one opens his CV only when he/she applies for a job. (only to the company he applied for) 
Active Membership: The member needs to be active for the CV information to be seen on the search of the companies. Member may apply any of the privacy precautions below he/she likes if his/her CV is open:

*My Blocked List: The members, may state if there is any company among the corporate members of that he/she does not want them to see his/her information. In this way, the companies cannot see the CV belonging to the member on the search. Newly joined companies are announced in various sections of the website and on the homepage. The members may add any of the newly joined companies to the My Blocked List at any time they wish.

*Hiding the Name: The members may hide their names if they like on the searches of the companies. In this way, even if their CV is seen on the search of the companies, their name will not appear.

*Hiding the Workplace Name: The members may hide if they like their current and old workplace names. In this way, even if their CV is seen on the search of the companies, the determined workplace names will not appear.

6. The member is responsible for the likely consequences of not providing the privacy for identity, contact and workplace information stated above which are kept in other parts of the website other than the specified ones. (e.g. “add your CV” section)

7. The member may erase or adjust the information belonging to him/herself that is saved to at any time he/she likes.
8. The member inputs data only about himself and inputs accurate data, and does not include any information that can harm the privacy of 3rd person and institutions.

9. is not responsible for the actions and behaviors of the members of our website who does not follow the privacy principles and for the consequences of them. Member corporations may keep a copy of the information they received by means of the website on their own system/files. is not responsible for actions and behaviors of these institutions before/after their termination of membership or their data is deleted from the website.

10. has the right to use the information provided by the members, for its own communication and marketing activities, and has the right to share this information as summary or statistically, etc. on the condition of not breaking any privacy principles stated above.

Thank you for your interest and trust in