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This section includes the website’s general conditions of use, and in relation with that, general rules and legal responsibilities.

Please, read below carefully before using our website.

If any of the conditions stated on this page is not convenient for you, please do not use our website. Using the website will mean that you have already agreed with the conditions stated on these pages. reserves its right to change the general and special conditions stated below at any time. When you visit, we suggest you visit this page as well.

Rules of Use and Security is a public website. The services given to individual members are certainly free unless otherwise stated in the related section. Only for the situations below, the management of website may block the use and keeps its legal right for the person or people who got involved with the attempts below.

. In the case of inaccurate, unsystematic, imperfect or misleading data and data that includes nonethical statements,
. In the case that information aside from CV, special or general announcements, information with advertising purposes and membership selling requests are saved to the website,
. In the case that the information announced by a 3rd person is deleted or revised,
. In the case of an attempt to interfere in other resumes,
. In the case that, posting ads by the firms and CV searching functions are misused or used differently than allowed,
. In the case that the information on the website is partially or fully copied and used with different purposes or when attempted to do so,
. In the case that the information such as username, password, member number that are given to the members, are shared with 3rd person and institutions,
. In the case of using software that threatens the general security of the website and that prevents the website and the software being used from running.

Use of the Content
The content presented on is for your personal use. All rights of the texts, graphics and pictures on are reserved. They are not used for commercial purposes without permission or providing references unless otherwise stated. Posting any of the content on this website in a different channel or internet website or giving a link without the permission of is strictly forbidden.

Moreover, copying or using the software of which all rights reserved by according to the agreements, and which is used for the design of this website and for building database, is strictly forbidden. is open to criticism and comments. All the criticism and comments subjected to our website, are in the possession of us, and can be used for marketing purposes.

The information of the users who visit our website is being followed in order to give a better service to them. (Visiting duration, time, viewed pages) The information that is collected, on condition of complying with the principles of confidentiality, is shared with our business partners in order to enrich and enhance our contents. Our goal is to ensure that our website is in the features of what you want. does not take any responsibility for any kind of firm or member information on the website, training program that is provided or other materials. Especially, the members who have their CV on the website are responsible for every kind of information they saved on the website.

The website is not under an obligation to find staff /jobs for the members of the website. The firm and members are responsible themselves for any kind of interaction and activity between the firms and the members.

Also, the links (links that direct to different websites )that are there to provide information and convenience for the visitors, and any risks related to these websites belong to the visitors.

The right to make any change on the website without giving any notice belongs to does not take any responsibility in relation to the software that they use in order to run the website. A responsibility cannot be landed with our firm in relation to a damage done to a software or hardware by any software on this website. reserves its right to use all the information based on your membership for its own marketing purposes on the condition of complying with the conditions of use, principles of confidentiality and current legal regulations.

In the specific parts of the website, being peculiar to sections, different rules and obligations may be stated. The people and the institutions that use these sections will have already agreed with the related rules.

View our Confidentiality and Legal Notices section in order to find out about the principles and practices which are for protecting the privacy of our members’ information.