About Us

From 1988 to the future...

Thirty five years!  Means half of the way.
We are in the middle of life, like Dante.
The quintessence in our youth ages,

It is futile to beg, invoke today,

Goes away without a pity.

Contrary to Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı's poem Age 35, we have always said "We are still at the beginning of the way, we must do better” since our establishment...

Established in Istanbul in 1988 to step into the Elevator sector with the manufacturing of "Lift Landing Door Locking Device", CAN-LIFT has been recognized in the Elevator sector in a short time thanks to its stable structure and its commitment to quality.

In the following years, it has expanded its product range with "Lift Landing Door Shock Absorbers", "Lift Landing Door Retiring Cam”, "Bi-directional Lift Overspeed Governors" and finally "Bi- and Uni-directional Progressive Safety Gear".